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Get ahead of the competition and separate yourself from the rest. HammerZone Fitness is perfect for all ages and abilities. Our programs allow athletes of all levels and backgrounds to develop, compete, and adapt while having fun. Regardless of the sport, goals, or age, we have a program for you!

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Small Group Training

Educating, Motivating and Equipping athletes with a foundation for success.

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Small Group Training Prices

Small group training is a great experience for athletes that are looking for high-level, motivating, and cost-effective coaching! This Class is all year round to help athletes that are searching for short-term goals and for those looking to achieve their long-term goals. With Just 6-10 athletes, small-group training allows coaches to focus on speed, strength, flexibility, power, and much more.

All fitness programs in small group training are based on HammerZone's Initial Performance assessment, which will inform the coaches of each athlete's individual needs and guide their training program.

1 hour | 1x week

$149/ Monthly

  • per month (4 sessions) - siblings get 15% discount
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1 hour | 2x week

$249/ Monthly

  • per month (8 sessions) - siblings get 15% discount
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1 hour | 3x week

$349/ Monthly

  • per month (12 sessions)- siblings get 15% discount
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Private Training

For Individuals who aspire to play at the highest level or have specific fitness goals in mind will greatly benefit from Private Training. Our Elite level fitness coaches can tailor programs to exactly your needs!

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Private Training Prices

1:1 (1 hour) 1x week

$400/ Monthly

  • per month (4 sessions - $100 per Session)
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1:1 (1 hour) 2x week

$720.00/ Monthly

  • per month (8 sessions $90 per Session)
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1:1 (1 hour) 3x week

$960/ Monthly

  • per month (12 sessions $80 per Session)
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Partner Training

For Friends, Siblings, or Teammates who are competitive, have specific goals, or just want to have a little bit of fun while getting fit, Partner Training is a great resource to meet your goals! Our Elite level staff is here to customize your partner training program to meet your needs.

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Partner Training Prices

Also, athletes that want more individualization but also would like to train with a friend or teammate. HammerZone Fitness provides partner training. Partner training is fun, and competitive and also allows both athletes to have more individualization of training then they would have in a semi-private training class.

2:1 (1 hour) 1x/week

$260/ Monthly

  • per athlete per session (4 sessions per month)
2:1 (1 hour) 2x/week

$480/ Monthly

  • $60 per athlete per session (8 sessions per month)

Team Training

Athletes' Success takes place on and off the field of play. Allow HammerZone Fitness Elite level staff to enhance your team's season and off-season fitness plan. With our team training programs, teams will learn to compete together, while developing the sports-specific strength, speed, and movements to excel at their sport all while learning how to stay healthy throughout the season.

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HammerZone Sports Weights

Fitness High School Membership Program

Fitness High School Membership Program is a Monday-Friday Program that is geared for the high school level athlete. This Class utilizes college level strength and conditioning to maximize athletic performance and is coached by former division one strength and conditioning coaches. All athletes are given an initial evaluation and plan to follow which allows him or her to progress at their own pace. $199.00 per month - sibling rate is $150/month

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Introduction to Barbell Training

Intro to barbell is a class that reviews the fundamentals of barbell exercises such as the back squat, bench press, and deadlift. This class is designed to teach middle school-aged athletes the proper techniques of these fundamental exercises so that they can train in the most proficient and safe manner possible.

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Boxing for Fitness

Boxing-For-Fitness is a fun and effective way for kids to develop the confidence, athleticism, and conditioning to help them in their desired sport. HammerZone has developed Cardio Boxing Classes that will whip you into shape fast! Classes will be led by Director of Fitness Eric Rhodes and Assistant Fitness Coach Nick Gounaris.

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Small Group Training

HammerZone Sports members are able to purchase a single small group training session based on age group for only $45!

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