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Bill Wilkinson

Coach Bill Wilkinson has served as an assistant coach at his alma mater, Fairfax High School, since 2008.  He has been both a varsity assistant and junior varsity head coach over those years, rotating between levels as needed by the program.  Coach Wilkinson loves coaching and teaching all elements of the game.  He spends most of his time working with infielders and also instructs catchers, and outfielders, and works with hitters.  Additionally, he utilizes his fitness training background by designing and implementing off-season workouts for the Fairfax baseball program.

Coach Wilkinson has been actively coaching travel baseball since 2009.  He, along with several other local coaches started the original Royals travel team which grew into the Fairfax Royals program.  He was the first director of the original MVP Royals high school travel program from its inception in 2016 through 2019.  Coach Wilkinson now coaches in the Stars Showcase Program.