High School Membership Program

The High School Membership Program is focused on hitting and pitching development while providing college-level strength and conditioning training that provides structure and accountability. Players will be trained under the direction of HammerZone Staff Professionals at all times.

The Hitting Program

Uses modern technology with Blast Sensors and HitTrax simulators. Areas of focus will include Lower Body Load, Stride / Separation, Bat Path / Proper Slotting, Pitch Recognition, and Data Collection.

The Performance Training Program

Taught by Former Division 1 Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Director of Performance Training Eric Rhodes, and Assistant Performance Coach Nick Gounaris. This program will expose the student-athlete to college-level strength and conditioning while utilizing foundational movements such as the barbell back squat, bench press, deadlift, etc. all in a programmatic fashion that will allow the student-athlete to progress and excel at their own pace. Areas of focus will include Initial/Post testing Evaluation, College Level Lift Card, Athlete Monitoring, Guidance and Instruction, and Team Competitive Environment.

The Pitching Program

Areas of focus will include Arm Care to include Recovery and Injury Prevention, Strength and Velocity Development, Body Movements and Sequence, Pitch Development using Multiple Pitches, and Strike Zone Command.